5 Food spots you’ll need to try in Shenzhen

Many are put off by the bad air quality, the notorious toilets, constant spitting, sharp chatters along the streets. Despite these qualities, you can find tasty cuisine that is affordable and you might find yourself coming back for more.

We traveled to Shenzhen for 3 days and tasted some street food, enjoyed local cuisine, did our fair share of shopping and soaked in the culture and hey its not so bad after all. Shenzhen is pretty modern with its own subway and most toilets here are clean (phew)! Here are the five food spots we would like to share.

1. Laurel Restaurant

If you are craving for affordable Peking Roast Duck, here is the place to visit.There is a wide selection of dim sum ranging from 8 to 28 RMB. We were pleasantly surprised when the waitress offered us free Chinese desserts after our meal – a choice of White Fungus and Yam Sago.



IMG_0140  IMG_0142

IMG_0141  IMG_0134

Pros: Tasty Peking duck and traditional Chinese ambiance

Cons: Once peak hour approaches, the restaurant gets pretty noisy with families. Long queues are seen during lunch and dinner hours, so the best time to go is between lunch and dinner time.

Laurel Restaurant is located at Luohu Commercial City, Level 5

2. Dongmen Food Street

This is street food galore under one roof! The Scallops in Garlic with Vermicelli, taste so heavenly. We spotted quite a few of these around Dongmen. The best we had was at Dongmen food street. This two story high food paradise feature street food at its best. We also tried corn juice, Mala Tofu, Shenzhen style Youg Tau Foo. Apart from food, shopping around Dongmen is spectacular, perfect for shopaholics who love good deals and cheap buys. It’s a one stop shopping and food paradise for everyone



3. Homemade Soup near Century Plaza Whole sale Clothing

Stumbled upon this small eatery while shopping at Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing (Jindu Clothing Wholesale City). Located opposite the road from Century Plaza Wholesale clothing, this small shop serves warm soup and dishes at very affordable prices. We visited during winter, so thumbs up for warm food!

IMG_0157 copy  IMG_0154

IMG_0155       IMG_0152

Soups are stored inside this huge vase. Staff will use a rod to fish out the soup from these vases.
Pros: Very tasty and delicious soup and dishes. Even the mushroom dish was well marinated. Cons: May be difficult to locate since it is away from the city area, also, the menu is in Chinese, ordering can be a chore if you can’t read Chinese.

How to get to Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing?
Take a train to Haiye Metro Station or Dengliang Metro Station and board a cab which will take around 5 mins

4. HUGE Sweet potatoes near Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing

Spotted some road side stalls selling sweet potato… we just had to try them even though we were full from lunch!

Pros: Cheap for a big piece of sweet potato
Cons: May be difficult to locate. It’s behind Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing

5. Macdonalds & KFC

If you already have you fill on Chinese food, its time for some good old fast food.Menu is slightly different from those in our homeland. Check out the architecture of these buildings – i’m lovin it!

IMG_0126 copy

IMG_0123 copy


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