An Elephunk Day at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

Trying new things, gaining new experiences are things travellers yearn for and visiting the elephant park is one of them. There are so many Elephant Parks to choose from, some of which allows you to ride on the elephant’s back while walking through rivers. We decided to go for a more humane way by visiting a rescue centre for elephants.

Elephants have been long hunted for their tusk and after spending a day at Elephant Nature Park, we observed that despite being huge in size, elephant are gentle creatures, get itchy frequently and willingly enjoy posing for photos. Sometimes you can see the elephant smile when they are being fed. Oh how adorable!

The elephants found here are all being rescued, many were being trafficked for their husk, the founder created this sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants all over Thailand. Here you know they are safe from harm.

We first booked the tickets online before we arrived in Chang Mai. An Elephant Nature Park bus arrived promptly at 8am to pick us up from our hotel. On the way to the Elephant Nature Park, they played videos on what to expect and a short orientation so that we have a brief understanding on how things work.

We were assigned into groups and each group had a guide. We got to tour the elephant ‘kitchen’ and spent time feeding the elephants watermelon and bananas! What a huge stash! And every moment was a photo taking opportunity with the elephants!

















Elephants get itchy pretty often and alot of these ‘logs’ are there to aid the elephants to relief its itch

Vegetarian buffet lunch was served and it was quite a spread unfortunately we were so hungry and forgot to take photos.

Next, step into the muddy waters to bathe the elephants, again more photo taking opportunity with the elephants.

Overall the experience was out of this world, I have never been so close to an elephant before, let alone touch one. It was an interesting experience and was pretty value for money, lunch and tea break are included in this package. Our advice is to travel light because you won’t want to be carrying a big bag while taking photos with the elephant!

If you are interested to get upclose and personal, visit their website as it showcase a range of different activities.

Fortunately, visiting the park won’t break the bank. the package we opted for was the Single Day Visit. It cost 2500 Baht and you will need a deposit of 1250 Baht. Apart from spending time with the elephants, you can meet like minded friends and animal lovers! We had a great time and would do it all over again if we went back again.


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