Bottoms up! Beer Market @ Clarke Quay

Our visit to the beer market proved to be a unique experience and if you are wondering why they are called Beer market? Think stock market, drink prices here rise and fall just like stock prices, so its not for the faint hearted :p

Cheap beer

IMG_5090 copy

IMG_5091 copy

Some beer prices fluctuate every half an hour. On the screen, you will see a countdown timer so the best time to order cheap beer is right before 7.30pm.

As the clock inches towards 9pm, the beer prices seems to double for some, so the best time to get cheap beer here is the timing. You have to order early.

I was there on Thursday so I am not so sure if this works the same during weekends.

IMG_5086 copy

What we ordered:
Mystic Peach (250ml): Love the taste of this, its light and frizzy with a tinge of peach, this one is for the ladies! Highly recommended.
Wells Waggle Dance Honey Beer $18, 500ml: Couldn’t taste the honey for this, but if you are thirsty, order this cos its a big bottle and you won’t be embarrassed if you finished this early and feel obligated to order another. Thumbs up for the creative name.
Wells Banana Bread Beer $18, 500ml: Very mild taste of banana, but similar to the honey beer, it was a big bottle and managed to last through the night

The price for Honey and Banana Bread beer didn’t change and it was one of those drink you can order any time without worrying that the price will increase. On the other hand, Mystic Peach fluctuated every half an hour! Before 7.30pm, the price was $8+, after 8.30pm, it could go as high as $16+!
I wanted to try the Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale but unfortunately it was out of stock.

Tip: There are free flow of ice water near the bar so all you need to do is to walk over to get it.

Cheap food

Happy Hungry Hour. Bites at this hour made me hungry and the deal made me happy:)

Order 3 choices for $10 or 1 for $4. The portions were smaller and the obvious choice for us were 3 dishes for $10 since there was more variety. You can choose between spicy wings, baked honey glazed BBQ wings, crispy wings, luncheon fries, spring rolls, prawn twisters and mini sausages.

IMG_5082 copy

IMG_5099 copy

IMG_5082 copy

Being huge fans of wings, we had to try them all. I like crispy and the baked honey glazed ones the best. The spicy wings were abit too spicy and a little soggy for my liking.

The luncheon fries was average and prawn twisters had too much batter but overall they were not too bad since it was cheap. We ordered early before 8pm

Happy Hungry Hour happens from Sun – Thu from 6 – 8pm. The trick is to be early to catch this deal.

IMG_5089 copy

IMG_5103 copy

Feeling greedy, we decide to order out of the Happy Hungry Hour promotion. We order the Salted egg Yoke Pizza and Salted Egg Yoke Wings. Truth be told, the Salted Egg Yoke wings ($12) were a major disappointment, since we came with high expectations, the gravy was probably left on the chicken for too long, hence, it became too soggy. The Salted egg yoke pizza was slightly better. It was unique and the salted egg yoke flavour was pretty mild.

Free music

There was a great live band that played and entertained us, it was open mic night and some brave souls went up to take the stage, boy are they good singers!

Back for more?

Definitely. Unique beers, cheap food and free live music. Beer market doesn’t charge service charge and the prices quoted are already inclusive of 7% GST. It’s a great place to hang out on a weekday if you want to avoid the weekend crowd. However, I noticed that the crowd started to stream in after 9pm. Dining at a bar in Clarke Quay won’t be a pricy affair when you visit Beer Market. But to get the best deal, visit early on a weekday.


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