Neko no Niwa, Singapore’s first cat cafe

Whether you are a cat person, or a newbie who just wanna experience being around cats, Neko no Niwa cat cafe is the place to go and unwind. Unlike other buzzing cafes we are used to hanging out on a Saturday night, this place is serenely peaceful. Everyone seem to whisper softly to each other, making sure that the cats are not shocked by sudden loud noises, it almost feels like we were on a retreat in cat haven and silence resembling a library.

cat painting lr_Fotor

slp lr_FotorWe arrived around 8pm and many cats were taking a napping and lazying around in their soft ‘cushiony’ beds. There were 2 -3 active cats running around.

random white border_FotorFor the price of $12 for the 1st hour, you can escape the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city and with the help of the staff, you can cradle the friendly cats in the shop. However, if cradling is too close for comfort, you can slowly stretch you hands out to pet the cat. Upon observation, not all cats here appreciate a rub. A few cats have been through trauma and abuse so they are pretty cautious with strangers. The staff are really friendly and are willing to share useful tips on pet care and happy to share the origins of the cats. You can really sense passion in their work and their closeness to these feline creatures.

IMG_3977 copy_Fotor

IMG_4002 copy_Fotor

IMG_4004 copy_Fotor

IMG_4029 copy_Fotor

white cat white border _FotorPrice chart:
1st hour: S$12
Next 1/2 hour: S$5
3-Hour Special: S$24*
Whole Day Pass: S$32*

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa is located at
54A Boat Quay (Level 2)
Singapore 049843

For more info, visit Neko no Niwa’s website to get to know the cats, or if reading is a hassle, head to the shop like i did and chat up with the friendly staffs to know more before approaching them.


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