Gastronomic Lunch at Tippling Club

My heart flipped excitedly at the thought of experiencing a gastronomic adventure at Tipping Club, helmed by celebrity Chef Ryan Clift. If you like to splurge, you can try the dinner menu however, being the cheapskate as I am, we went for the lunch menu.

The meal came with three free appetizers known as ‘apertifs’. Each dish was served promptly and with every dish delivered, the ingredients would be introduced in a detailed manner. Maybe we are too slow, but somehow we can’t seem to catch what the servers were rattling on, at a bullet train pace.

The complementary starter was Tom yum curry mousse with tempura of coriander and fresh coconut. We were blown away by the plating and display. If like me, you are usually put off by the smell and taste of corianders, this one is different. It was treated so well, there was no coriander smell and tasted like crispy fried vegetable.

Second dish was served, it was Charred Peppers with Soy & Wasabi. When the plate landed on the table, it looked very em… charred and i was little skeptical at first with the taste. I was surprised… in a good way. Not a big fan of bell peppers, this one was extraordinary as it did not taste like the typical red pepper. Interestingly, when the charred peppers are dipped into the wasabi sauce and the wasabi taste was masked. Interestingly, the sauce had a wasabi taste on its own. Loved the fact that it is served with unconventional kitchenware and this looks like a surgical like instrument.

Next up, was the palate cleanser, served like a ‘Lava Lamp’, The server poured the liquid and created a lava lamp effect. Visually this looks stunning but I didn’t really enjoy the taste. This drink was meant to refresh the palate.

After the refreshing palate cleanser, the highlight of the menu arrived – Snow Crab with Oba, Nashi Pear and Fragrant Herbs. Snow crab was so fresh which flavours so well with the Nashi Pear. This was easily my favourite dish, unfortunately, good things come in small package and wished the portion was bigger.

Next, a fatty pork dish, Iberico Pork Belly with Cep Mushroom Puree, Jus Peragadine. Usually not a fan of fatty pork, this one is so buttery and smooth, it just melts in your mouth.

Not fan of lamb but decided to give it a try anyway. Lamb Rump ‘A La Francaise’ with Peas, Bacon, Mint. Not a lamb convert after trying this dish but it was cooked perfectly, lamb fans would rejoice.

Finally, the stars of the day, we have been waiting for the perfect happy ending, the desserts…

As mysterious as the name sounds,  Textures of Milk is made of all components originated from milk. Sago, yogurt, crispy milk, marshmallows and meringues.

Pistachio Soufflé with Pistachio mini Magnum. I have never tried a pistachio soufflé before and this made me look at soufflés differently. The presentation is just amazing. My heart silently gave a round of applause of the standing ice cream… magnificent!

The Tippling Club
38 Tanjong Pagar Road S(088461)




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